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The Homefield Road Surgery has been specifically designed to facilitate the highest level of care for your pet with full laboratory services on site, highest quality digital radiography suite, two operating rooms and separate cat and dog wards. Your pets visit will be as comfortable as we can make it with as little stress as possible.

Our radiography suite holds a high resolution digital x ray machine. Our vets can use the digital system to enhance pictures and this gives them much improved diagnostic abilities. It also benefits your pet because fewer views are necessary and pictures are processed quickly. This keeps anaesthetic and sedation time to a minimum.

We have several ultrasound scanners, each for a different purpose. Ultrasound can be used to confirm and monitor pregnancy and to image organs such as the heart, liver and bladder.

We have different endoscopes (internal cameras) for different sizes of patient. We use them to look inside areas of the body such as the lungs or stomach to diagnose problems in these areas.

Our own laboratory is on site, fully staffed and equipped for fast results, be it blood samples, urine tests, cytology or skin tests. We also provide tests for breeding timing and semen quality in all species.

For dental problems our trained staff use modern ultrasonic scalers and polishing intruments to brighten up your pets smile! Our vets use more sophisticated air powered equipment for more advanced or extensive treatments.

Lucy Jones, Haverhill ... " I was really scared that my rabbit was going to not get better but Sally was so nice to him and put a bandage on his leg and made him better. He really liked Sarah because she gave him lots of cuddles "